Krupa Children’s Home was established in 1997 to meet the need for a safe and secure ambience for children of leprosy patients and gypsy communities where they would have role models worthy of emulation. This was because their colonies were involved in a number of socially and legally unacceptable activities then. Since then, the home has also been a shelter home for children released from bonded labour and children from other marginalised communities.

Every child’s physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual needs are met by dedicated and trained in house staff. The younger children go to Krupa’s Kindergarten Program while others go to the local government school. The children are helped with their homework and studies with the help of a tuition teacher. The home parents are in constant touch with the school and monitor their development. The children are provided healthy and nutritious food and live in separate bright and spacious cottages for boys and girls. There is a separate dining room and kitchen. Children have ample place for play and are also active in the local community events. The Children enjoy their annual excursions, their summer camps, the annual Star Fest, talents nights and their sports day.

So far over 200 children have had life transformation through this home

The health of the children is monitored through periodic visits of a team of doctors from the city. A trained Counselor visits the home every month to counsel the children and to discuss the issues that they may have. Children with an aptitude for athletics are provided special coaching and two have been selected for the state level competition.



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