Healthcare is the next driver of social development that Krupa focuses on. The communities it works with do not have easy access to healthcare, even from the government facilities, because of the stigma of their disease (leprosy) or because of their lack of hygiene and different social mores (gypsies). In some cases, communities were just too far from these facilities or transport to these facilities was expensive. To better serve these communities, Krupa rolled out programs to effectively deliver healthcare to them.



Regular medical camps are conducted at the various communities Krupa serves. A team of volunteer doctors and paramedical staff visit the community and screen the people for various diseases and prescribe medicines for their ailments. Medicines are provided free of cost. Where surgery or hospitalisation is needed, Krupa provides this by networking with sympathetic doctors and hospitals.

Special Vision Camps are conducted in association with the India Vision Institute and corrective spectacles provided free of cost by them. In addition, where surgery is needed, Krupa arranges for the same at its cost.

Other camps to screen for Diabetes, Heart disease etc. are conducted periodically. Currently Krupa is working on raising funds for a mobile ultrasound scanning facility which will also be a knowledge sharing centre, as a convenient way to move medical teams with these facilities to various colonies and also raise awareness among communities on hygiene, diseases and their identification and low cost nutrition options.


Educating the communities on the importance of community and personal hygiene, common causes of various diseases, identification of common diseases, importance of a balanced and nutritious diet, low cost diet options are shared with these communities in association with interns from the Departments of Nutrition of the Women’s Christian College, Staff from Voluntary Health Centers and Government Doctors and extension workers.

Alcohol and substance abuse is a rising problem and at times it is even seen among young adults. Krupa addresses these problems both through awareness camps as well as through counselling.



People identified at screening camps or medical camps as requiring hospitalisation or surgical intervention are supported by admitting them to sympathetic and generous hospitals who provide this support at a concessional price to Krupa for speciality treatment. In other cases, Krupa helps them get admission to government hospitals and interacts with the medical personnel there to ensure they get the attention needed without any difficulties.



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