All the people we work with are offered this facility when and wherever needed

Periodic counselling of children and youth, especially young women, both collectively and on a one on one basis is extended to the gypsy and leprosy patients communities. Women are encouraged to become self-sufficient either by forming self-help groups in the community to carry on some micro businesses or set up individual microbusinesses.


Since 2001, Krupa has worked among Chennai prison inmates initially at the Prison complex in the city and subsequently at Puzhal after the prison shifted there. Prisoners families go through social ostracism, abuse and threats and are often forced to move out of their homes by society. Children drop out of schools and education takes a back seat as families struggle to cope with drastically reduced family income.

Already facing imprisonment prisoners are further troubled by their family’s sufferings. Quite often the prisoner and his/ her family are estranged because of the problem. The prisoners then go into deep depression and mental illness. Krupa’s counsellors and the prison psychologists meet and establish rapport with these prisoners, counsel them and help them cope in the prison. Parallelly, based on details obtained from the prison, Krupa staff visit their families and counsel them to reconcile any differences between the prisoner and the family and also help families improve their income through establishing micro businesses with the help of local donors.

Further, trained counsellors visit the prison to supplement the efforts of prison psychologists and ascertain mental health of inmates identified by the prison and help counsel them. They also understand the concerns that affect these people at an individual level and report back to Krupa. Krupa undertakes to help in all areas relating to their families well-being outside the prison and networks with PRISM, an association of leading advocates and lawyers of the Chennai Courts to provide them legal counsel and support to help them obtain their rights.

Krupa has special counselling sessions every month for the spouses and families of the prisoners which helps in reconciling families with the prisoners.



Prison staff have a stressful and tough job handling inmates with little training in human behaviour. In association with other NGOs Krupa organises programs for them on stress and anger management and related subjects


Children of our various communities live under difficult conditions. They are more exposed to social evils, have few or no role models to follow and poverty is an ever present reality. To help them cope with all this, we hold counselling camps where the kids collectively and individually are counselled on various aspects of living responsible, ethical and self-reliant lives. They are made aware of the dangers of substance abuse and lack of education.



In association with the Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board, government agency, Krupa runs a counselling centre at the Navalur resettlement colony for men, women and children of the 2048 families living there. These families have been pulled out of their slums in the centre of the city and brought to a place about 50 kilometres away. While housing is very good, they do not have access to the low or no skill jobs available in the city. The depressed economic situation leads to problems like alcoholism, substance abuse, crime etc. The counselling centre helps these people cope with their changed situation.



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