All the people we work with are offered this facility when and wherever needed

The people Krupa works with are subjected to a number of stressful situations in their daily living. In the absence of any form of support systems that would relieve these stresses, unexpected and difficult breakdowns can occur. Krupa addresses this issue through counselling of such people at risk.

Periodic counselling of children and youth, especially young women, both collectively and on a one on one basis is extended. Further, trained counsellors visit the prison to supplement the efforts of prison psychologists and ascertain mental health of inmates identified by the prison and help counsel them. They also understand the concerns that affect these people at an individual level and report back to Krupa. Krupa undertakes to help in all areas relating to their families well-being outside the prison and networks with PRISM, an association of leading advocates and lawyers of the Chennai Courts to provide them legal counsel and support to help them obtain their rights.

Krupa has special counselling sessions every month for the spouses and families of the prisoners which helps in reconciling families with the prisoners.

Counselling for Prisoners and their families
Counselling Centre @ Padappai for Residential Children
Couselling Centre @ Navalur for the Resettled and Rural communities